Gold Ware Exhibition at Jinsha Site Museum
2018.09.21 - 2018.10.21
Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum
An exhibition to be held at the Chengdu Jinsha will highlight over 350 pieces/sets of gold ware of the pre-Qin period (21st century BC-221 BC) to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). The exhibits collected by 40 domestic museums and cultural relics protection units, including the golden sunbird foil unearthed from the Jinsha Site Museum will showcase the exquisite workmanship of gold ware making in China.
Gold products began to appear in China during the Xia (2207 BC-1766 BC) and Shang (1765 BC-1122 BC) dynasties. China's unique gold culture, which incorporates foreign cultural elements and cultural characteristics of various ethnic groups and regions in the country, was formed after various periods of innovation and development.