Exhibition of Relics from Mesopotamia and Chengdu Plain in Bronze Age
2018.10.21 - 2018.11.21
Sichuan University Museum
The exhibition titled Bronze Age Mesopotamia and the Chengdu Plain in Comparison is underway at the Sichuan University Museum, highlighting cultural relics collected by China's Sanxingdui Museum and Jinsha Site Museum, Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem, Israel, and Babylonian Collection of Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, the US.
The exhibits include a bronze mask with protruding eyes, a bronze head sculpture and jade ware from the remains of the ancient Sichuan civilization, as well as precious cultural relics unearthed from the Mesopotamia area.
The ancient Sichuan civilization and Mesopotamia civilization in the Bronze Age share many similarities, such as those in the casting process of bronze figures, the use of gold masks and maces, the sacred tree worship, and the eye-shaped implements.