Exhibition on China’s Lunar Exploration Programme
2014.11.04 - 2014.11.13
Sichuan Science and Technology Museum
The Exhibition on China’s Lunar Exploration Programme (Chengdu Stop) was open on Nov. 4 at the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, in which one-to-one high-simulation models of the Chang’e-3 moon lander and the Yutu moon rover, as well as more than 20 mock-ups and interactive exhibits including the Long March rockets and simulated launching site are shown. Visitors can control the moon rover at the exhibition, which will last till Nov. 13 and be admission-free to visitors.
The event features the country’s lunar exploration program, moon culture and popular interactive science, which highlight China’s development and main achievements in lunar exploration and aerospace science and technology. Models of the Chang’e-1 satellite, the CZ-3A carrier rocket series and the CZ-5 carrier rocket, as well as some precious videos and images including photos of the moon surface shot by Chang’e-3 are unveiled in the exhibition.
Some moon-themed art works created by contemporary famous Chinese artists, including works of calligraphy, paintings, sculpture and ceramic works, etc., are also exhibited at the show,
An area for interactive experience of popular science is specially set up. Fans of aeronautics and astronautics can operate the equipment like the moon rover, etc. At the event, a special 3D film offers visitors incredible experience of space travel.