Picasso & Dali: The Legendary Collection
2017.06.21 - 2017.08.20
Early Bird Ticket
Ticket for one person: RMB80
Ticket for two persons: RMB140
Ticket for three persons: RMB180
(All early bird tickets are available before 00:00 June 21)
Full-price Ticket
Ticket for one person: RMB120
Ticket for two persons: RMB180
Ticket for three persons: RMB220
Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu
Both Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali are talented Spanish artists. There will be an opportunity for people in Chengdu to take a close look at authentic works of the two great artists. The exhibition named Picasso & Dali: The Legendary Collection will be held June 21 - Aug. 20 at Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, to showcase over 200 pieces of their masterpieces including sculptures, pottery ware and limited edition prints with signatures. The exhibits are all collections of a Russian collector.
During the exhibition, an interactive area will be provided for children aged 4-12 to learn sculpture making, drawing and installation art.
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