Oriental Ebony Wood Art Festival
2018.04.06 - 2018.05.06
Chengdu Wumu Art Museum (Zhongxing Town, Dujiangyan City)
An art festival featuring ebony wood artworks is underway at the Chengdu Wumu Art Museum at Zhongxing Town, northwest Chengdu's Dujiangyan City. The museum has a collection of more than one thousand of ebony wood works, including natural formations and masterpieces by artists.
Ebony wood (乌木 in Chinese), known as the Oriental Magic Wood, is a collection of wood that is buried underground for at least thousands of years and mainly found in the Chengdu Plain in China. There are many kinds of them, including Pterocarya stenoptera, Cinnamomum camphora, and Phoebe zhennan, etc. Due to geologic changes, such as earthquake and flood, trees buried under the ancient riverbed changed into carbonized wood after long-term physical and chemical reaction.