NT Live in Chengdu
2016.05.28 - 2016.12.31
Emei 1958 Cinema
Drama fans will have opportunities to appreciate famous plays performed on the stage of National Theatre in the UK through Barco's 60,000-lumen 4K laser projector in the Emei 1958 Cinema with the launch of NT (National Theatre) Live broadcast held at the Upper Gallery in the Taikoo Li Chengdu. The first broadcast of NT Live in Chengdu to take place on May 28 is Shakespeare's classic tragedy Hamlet starred by Benedict Cumberbatch, then another two screenings of the NT play will be staged on June 11 and June 25. Shakespeare's classic comedy As You Like It will be shown on June 5. NT's productions including Othello and Frankenstein will be broadcast every month thereafter.
This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare. The fist session of the NT Live in Chengdu titled The Light of Shakespeare is aimed to commemorate the great master of world literature. At the premiere, some local students will be invited by the sponsor to perform Shakespeare's plays.
About NT Live
NT Live is the National Theatre's groundbreaking project launched in June 2009 to broadcast the best of British theatre live from the London stage to cinemas across the UK and around the world. Though each live broadcast is filmed in front of a live audience in the theatre, cameras are carefully positioned throughout the auditorium to ensure that cinema audiences get the "best seat in the house" view of each production. Where these cameras are placed is different for each broadcast, to make sure that cinema audiences enjoy the best possible experience every time.
Since the NT Live was introduced in China in June 2015, over 230 broadcasts have already been experienced by more than 65, 000 people in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Wuhan, etc. Chengdu is the only city in Southwest China to bring in the NT Live project.
NT Live Schedule
Screening Schedule for Series The Light of Shakespeare
Date: May 28, Hamlet
Price: RMB198
14:45 Cocktail Party
15:15 Broadcast Time
Date:June 5, As You Like It
June 11, Hamlet
Package Price: RMB240
Broadcast Time: 16:30
Date:June 26, Hamlet
Price: RMB120
Broadcast Time: 16:30
Screening Schedule for Series King of Dramas
Duration:July - Late Sept.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
A View from the Bridge
Screening Schedule for Series Special Relations
Duration:Oct.-Late Dec.
Les Liaisons Dangereuses
A Streetcar Named Desire