Kuan Zhai Alley Midsummer Spacial Art Week 2017
2017.08.12 - 2017.08.20
Wide & Narrow Alleys
Kuan Zhai Alley Midsummer Spacial Art Week 2017, a cultural event featuring performance art, music show, electronic interactive art and graffiti art, will open on Aug. 12 at the Wide & Narrow Alleys in downtown Chengdu. Artists from home and abroad will offer an amazing art feast to local citizens and visitors.
East meets west, tradition meets modernity, and tranquility meets jollification. A truly special art experience is awaiting you.
Aug. 12-13
Folk Songs Show
Time: 13:00-14:00
Venue: 37 Wide Alley
Band AZZ Show
Time: 14:00-15:00
Venue: Jing Alley
Duet by Mr. Bao and Mrs. Li
Time: 15:00-15:30
Venue: 27 Narrow Alley
Percussion Show
Time: 15:30-16:00, 17:30-18:00
Venue: Jing Alley
Mambo & Gaston Street Music Show
Time: 16:00-16:30, 17:00-17:30
Venue: Jing Alley
Chinese Classical Dance Show
Time: 16:30-17:00
Venue: Jing Alley
Waggle Dance Party
Time: 18:00-19:00
Venue: Jing Alley
Mime Show
Time: 19:00-20:00
Venue: Jing Alley
Music & Dance Show
Time: 20:00-20:30
Venue: Jing Alley
Aug. 12-18
Installation Art: Heart Rate
Venue: Jing Alley
Installation Art: Image RGB
Venue: Jing Alley
50-Meter Graffiti Wall
Venue: Jing Alley
Art Space
Exhibitions or theme activities in various businesses
Venue: Jing Alley