Exhibition of Traditional Shu Embroidery Artworks
2018.09.21 - 2018.10.08
Chengdu Museum
Shu embroidery, together with other three major traditional styles in China: Su (Suzhou), Xiang (Hunan) and Yue (Guangdong), are the four famous styles of embroidery in the country.
Shu embroidery, also known as Sichuan embroidery, is the general name for embroidery products produced in and around Chengdu, Sichuan. As early as in the Han Dynasty (202BC—220), Shu embroidery was already famous nationwide. Its raw materials are satin and colored silk. Shu embroidery is famous for its varied and bright colors as well as exquisite stitches.
An exhibition of traditional Shu embroidery artworks is underway at Chengdu Museum, displaying dozens of embroidered pieces with different kinds of stitches by 15 inheritors of Shu embroidery and some excellent works by Shu embroidery masters.