Dance Drama on Tianfu Culture
2018.05.19 - 2018.05.20
RMB120, 216(120×2), 280, 306(120×3), 380, 480, 504(280×2), 580、684(380×2), 714(280×3), 864(480×2), 969(380×3), 1044(580×2), 1224(480×3) & 1479(580×3)
Jincheng Art Palace
A dance drama highlighting Chengdu's Tianfu Culture will be staged on May 19 and 20 at the Jincheng Art Palace. It consists of two parts featuring the city's history, culture and folk customs, as well as modern civilization, respectively.
The drama showcases such representative elements of the Tianfu Culture as the giant panda, Shu Embroidery, the circular golden emblem featuring four flying birds surrounding the sun which was unearthed from the over 3000-year Jinsha Relics Site, and tea houses with distinct Sichuan styles. The forms of local vocal and performing arts, including Sichuan tea art, Qingyin (narrative singing accompanied by Pipa, a four-stringed Chinese musical instrument), Sichuan Opera and Jinqianban (singing accompanied by bamboo clappers made of three bamboo boards), will also be displayed.
Multimedia technology will be applied to the stage design to enhance the visual appeal of the show.