Bronze Civilization in Qin and Shu Regions
2018.07.27 - 2018.11.11
Chengdu Museum
Bronze, the earliest alloy in the history of metallurgy, has always been regarded as a symbol of human culture and civilization.
The ongoing exhibition titled Bronze Civilization in Qin and Shu Regions at Chengdu Museum displays over 250 pieces of bronze ware unearthed from the Chengdu Plain, Guanzhong Plain and Hanzhong Plain, including 55 first-class cultural relics.
The top must-see item on display is He Zun (Chinese: 何尊), a national treasure collected by the Baoji Bronze Ware Museum in Shaanxi Province. It is an ancient Chinese ritual bronze vessel with the shape of Zun unearthed from Jiacunyun, Shaanxi's Baoji City in 1963. It dates from the era of early Western Zhou (1046BC–771BC). Inside the container, in the base, there're 12 rows of 122 inscribed Chinese characters, among which the phrase "宅兹中国" inscribed in the style of the Western Zhou Dynasty is the earliest known artifact to contain the word "Middle Kingdom/China (中国)".