4th iSTART Children’s Art Festival
2018.08.18 - 2018.10.13
Ticket for one person: RMB60
Ticket for two persons: RMB105
Ticket for three persons: RMB150
The 4th iSTART Children's Art Festival to open on Aug. 18 at LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum includes two major exhibitions, Sanatorium of Childhood and Little Bang, and other theme activities. It is an important annual program launched by A4 Museum, which focuses on children's perspectives and encourages their imagination through multi-dimensional artistic programs and interactive sensory experiences.
Theme Exhibition: Sanatorium of Childhood
The A4 Art Museum will be changed into a temporary "sanatorium" by artists, curators, architects and educators. The space is no longer a quiet white box, but a complex consisting of different medical treatment rooms.
Here visitors can share their inner world or childhood secrets, recall their growing pains, talk about their current anxieties, receive psychological treatment, and get enlightened about the future.
Parallel Exhibition: Little Bang
The parallel exhibition is based on the world described in the novel The Era of Supernova written by Chinese writer Liu Cixin. In the book, Liu Cixin depicts a world controlled by children after the disappearance of all adults.
A series of diversified creative forms including painting, animation, performance, photography, computer creation and art installation will be presented by about 1000 children working in groups or independently.
Other Events
* Animation screening, building game and physical theatre
* Education forum
* Tens of theme workshops, lectures and urban programs