2018 Chengdu Poetry & Music Festival
2018.04.12 - 2018.06.18
Downtown Chengdu
The ongoing 2018 Chengdu Poetry & Music Festival features a symphonic poem concert, a painting and calligraphy exhibition and a theme lecture session, etc. A highlight during the event, the concert, to be staged on Apr. 27, will see artists read poems about Chengdu and put on a show of magnificent symphonic music.
Symphonic Poem Concert
Time: 19:30 Apr. 27
Venue: Sichuan Gymnasium
Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition
Time: Apr. 28 - May 20
Venue: Huang Bingyu Studio (19 Jiangong Rd.)
Lecture Session by Yu Dan (academic)
Time: 19:30 May 12
Venue: Ture Meet, Eastern Suburb Memory Park
China's Three Tenors Concert
Time: 19:30 June 18
Venue: Eastern Suburb Memory Park
Tenors: Dai Yuqiang, Warren Mok & Wei Song