Two-day Trip Destinations around Chengdu

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Go into the suburbs of Chengdu and you’ll be impressed by the enchanting sights, the ancient towns, theme museums, hills and rivers, and of course the colorful customs with distinct local flavors.
Destination 2: Ping'le Ancient Town
Located in Qionglai City in southwestern Chengdu, Ping'le Ancient Town features the ancient style architecture, river sights and idyllic life styles. Vestiges of old constructions, including wharves, bridges, houses, stone-paved streets are well preserved in the town. It is built along a river running by.
Traffic: 93km from downtown Chengdu; visitors can take coaches in Xinnanmen Bus Terminal and Chadianzi Bus Terminal.
Self-dive: Chengdu — Chengwen Elevated Road — Riyue Avenue — Chengwenqiong Expressway — Qionglai-Mingshan Expressway — Shougao Road — Ping'le Ancient Town
Admission: free
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Spring Festival Celebrations in Downtown Chengdu

With the Spring Festival around the corner, major tourist sites in downtown Chengdu have prepared theme events to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year.

Jan 26, 2019

Chengdu Culture Captivates Greeks, Germans

The 2019 Happy Chinese New Year·Chengdu Promotion Activity displays the city’s profound culture and distinct tourist resources in Athens, Greece, and Berlin, Germany.

Jan 29, 2019

City ready to host foreign tourists after overseas showcase

Chengdu's government and tourism businesses are expecting more foreign tourists in the city for Chinese New Year after holding promotional events abroad.

Feb 02, 2019

Spring Festival Celebration of Flash Mobs at Wide and Narrow Alleys Goes Viral Online

On February 7, a large crowd of flash mobs sang the song China My Motherland at the Wide and Narrow Alleys, a hot tourist attraction in downtown Chengdu, to celebrate the traditional Chinese Spring Festival. The event drew widespread attention and got much media exposure across the country, including that of the CCTV NEWS.

Feb 15, 2019

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