Chengdu Metro Line 3

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Information on Chengdu Metro Line 3, including the timetable, the stops and the hot spots along the route.
The second and third phases of Chengdu Metro Line 3 have been put into operation on December 26, 2018, adding to the length of the first phase of the line, which opened on July 31, 2013.
With 37 stations along its way, Chengdu Metro Line 3 now stretches about 49.9km and makes itself the longest metro line of Chengdu, connecting the Shuangliu District in the south and the Xindu District in the north. The route starts from Shuangliu West Station and intersects Chengdu Metro Line 1 at Sichuan Gymnasium, Chengdu Metro Line 2 at Chunxi Road, Chengdu Metro Line 4 at Second Chengdu People's Hospital, Chengdu Metro Line 7 at Simaqiao and Chengdu Metro Line 10 at Taipingyuan.
Stops along the Line (southwest—northeast):
Shuangliu West Station双流西站 Sanliba三里坝站 Shuangliu Square双流广场站 Dongsheng东升站 Yingchunqiao迎春桥站 Hangdu Avenue航都大道站 Longqiao Road龙桥路站 Shuangfengqiao双凤桥站 Wuqing Road South武青南路站 Wuhou Flyover武侯立交站 Chuan-zang Flyover川藏立交站 Taipingyuan太平园 Hongpailou红牌楼 Gaoshengqiao高升桥 Yiguanmiao衣冠庙 Sichuan Gymnasium省体育馆 Moziqiao磨子桥 Xinnanmen新南门 Chunxi Road春熙路 Chengdu Second People's Hospital市二医院. Hongxing Bridge红星桥 Qianfeng Road前锋路站 Lijiatuo李家沱 Simaqiao驷马桥 Zhaojuesi Road South昭觉寺南路 Chengdu Zoo动物园 Xiongmao Avenue熊猫大道 Chengdu Junqu General Hospital军区总医院 Botanical Garden植物园站 Jinhua Temple Road East金华寺东路站 Sanhechang三河场站 Jinshuihe锦水河站 Tuanjiexinqu团结新区 Machao Road West马超西路站 Clock Tower钟楼站 Southwest Petroleum University石油大学站 Chengdu Medical College成都医学院站
Sights along the Line (southwest—northeast):
Gaoshengqiao Stop
Jinli Street: one of the most popular tourist destinations in downtown Chengdu featuring old-style buildings, local snacks and folk handicraft shops
Wuhouci Shrine: the most influential museum of the Three Kingdoms culture in China
Moziqiao Stop
Sichuan University: the most famous comprehensive university in Sichuan
Xinnanmen Stop
Anshun Bridge: a bridge over the Jinjiang River and a popular sight-seeing spot
Hejiang Pavilion: a site to have an overview of the confluence of the Fu River and the Nan River
Zhaojuesi Road South Stop
Zhaojue Monastery: once the most famous Buddhist congregation in western Sichuan, and played an important role in the promotion and development of Buddhism in China
Chengdu Zoo Stop
Chengdu Zoo: the largest zoo in southwestern China
Xiongmao Avenue Stop
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding: the most important base in the world dedicated to the protection of giant pandas
Botanical Garden Stop
A comprehensive botanical garden with scientific research, tourism and leisure services.
Ticket Price: trigger price, 2 yuan; full fare, 10 yuan
Timetable for Your Reference:

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