Heming Teahouse Resumes Business

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The famous Heming Teahouse, at the People's Park in midtown Chengdu, reopened for customers March 28.
Heming Teahouse, an outdoor teahouse located in Chengdu People's Park and probably the most famous teahouse in the city, reopened March 28 after over two months of suspension that was caused by the outbreak of novel coronavirus epidemic.
Have a look of the video below:
The century-old spot is a good place to fritter away an afternoon with a cup of tea.
The teahouse is always a crowded site with people to drink tea, have a carefree chat and kill time. Here you can also enjoy the ear cleaning (or ear-picking), a joy to local residents and an extra to your city exploring experience. Ear-picking and local snacks are at call.
With its peaceful surroundings, the teahouse is an ideal place to get a better understanding of the style of Chengdu's life. And on fine days you'd find people sipping tea, playing chess, chatting with friends or just snoozing on the bamboo chair.
Address: 12 Shaocheng Road, People's Park, Qingyang District

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