Tea Plucking for Rural Tour

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It's tea plucking season again in Chengdu. Fresh young tea leaves and buds in tea producing areas in the city’s surroundings are ready for picking.
Wanna have a better understanding of how tea is made and the delicate taste of savory and sweetness in it? Why not make a tea plucking tour and hike into the tea terraces with your family and friends during the the upcoming traditional Tomb-sweeping Day holiday or at weekend?
Well-placed geographically, Sichuan, where tea trees are abundantly grown in its foothills and mountains, produces a large variety of fine tea, thanks to its moderate climate, humid air, plentiful rainfall and appropriate altitude. There are four heartlands of tea production in the province: southwest Chengdu’s Chengjia Township in Pujiang County and Huaqiu Mountain in Qionglai City, southwest Sichuan’s Mount Emei in Leshan City, and west Sichuan’s Mount Mengding.
Tea-picking Places around Chengdu
Chengjia Township
Reputed as “The First Village of Tea” on the South Silk Road, the Chengjia Township has a long history of tea production. The famous brand Queshe, a kind of green tea, has become well-known and popular across the world. In April or May every year, the town hosts a national tea culture festival, which always attracts thousands of tourists to experience tea leaf plucking, tea making and tasting, and appreciate tea art performances and cultural shows.
Popularity among tourists: ★★★★★
1. By bus: Taking bus at the Xinnanmen Tourist Distribution Center in downtown Chengdu directly to Pujiang County;
2. By self-drive: Chengdu -Ya’an Highway —— Pujiang County.
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