Gallery of Glowing Mountain Sights in Autumn

Authors: Go Chengdu


Pictures taken during an autumn trip to Miyaluo in northwestern Sichuan, one of the largest red-leave appreciating site in China
Located in the Lixian County in northwestern Sichuan and some 260 km from Chengdu, the Miyaluo scenic spot is one of the largest red-leave appreciating site in China.
Miyaluo has a mountainous area of nearly 3, 000 and the forests in the expansive area provide a grand view of colorful trees when leaves change colors in autumn starting early October, drawing a large number of tourists and shutterbugs to the spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Each year, the Red Leaves Festival is held in Lixian County and attracts thousands of people, who come to watch the splendid views of red leaves, see the old buildings of local residents and take baths in nearby hot springs.

30 yuan / person (Miyaluo)
60 yuan / person (Taoping Stockaded Village)
50 yuan / person (Guergou Hot Springs)

Best Travel Time: from Mid-October to November

Transportation: direct bus service to Miyaluo at the Chadianzi Bus Station or Ximen Bus Station in downtown Chengdu
Tips: prepare a long cold sets, sweaters, sunscreen, sunglasses and umbrella for the climate of Plateau area is changeable. The area has a drastic temperature change in autumn, when you can wear a T-shirt at daytime but a thick sweater at night.
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