Flower Appreciation in Dujiangyan City

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Spring has come again and it's time to admire the blooming flowers in suburban Chengdu.
Spring has come and it's the right time you set off on a trip to Dujiangyan City in northern Chengdu, where flowers of various kinds are awaiting your appreciation.

Rapeseed flowers, Tianma Town

Period: April
The vast sea of yellow rapeseed flowers in Tianma Town in Dujiangyan City, covering an area of 800 mu (about 54 hectares), is a splendid and photogenic sight in spring. The neighboring areas also provide quiet, agreeable sites for picnic and camping.

Begonia, Anlong Town

Period: late February—early April; February—September (bonsai)
Anlong Town boasts the largest begonia base in China, planted with more than 20 kinds of begonia in an area of about 14 hectares.
Begonia bonsai works are available at Hujiawan in the town, a national intangible cultural heritage site, where you can have a glimpse of the begonia scenery that features over 20 million pots of bonsai.

Pear blossoms, Zhongxing Town

Period: mid March
Oh my early Spring, what a moving sight,
The snowing petals from the pear trees, so pure and white!
These are the lines by an ancient Chinese poet, which depict a vivid picture of the pear blossoms drifting in the wind. The Jiulong Hill in Zhongxing Town is the perfect place for the view of the pear flowers.

Peach flowers, Shiyang Town

Period: mid March
The forest of peach trees is next to Mount Qingcheng and the Minjiang River, 16 km away from Dujiangyan downtown.
The video below tells more about Dujiangyan City

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