GoChengdu Tour Guide: Summer Joy of Ice Jelly

Authors: Go Chengdu


Ice jelly has come to be an annual celebration of summer for many people in Chengdu, especially the younger generations, who are finding new solace during the long, hot season in the coolness, tenderness, smoothness and tastiness provided by a bowl of a concoction of jelly, syrup, nuts, raisins and an assortment of ingredients.
Now you can easily have ice jelly in Chengdu―in the small shops that have recently mushroomed in streets and lanes, the makeshift booths along the road and even on the handcarts by mobile vendors―in fact, ice jelly has made itself such a sudden prosperous business that it has seized a considerable market share of the cold drinks sales in summer.
The success story of ice jelly is largely due to the fancy feel of springy jelly and the varied choice of ingredients, served in a fine container or in a plastic bowl as a takeaway. It lasts longer than ice creams and ice suckers since you don't have to worry it will soon melt away, and provides the visual and gustatory imaginations that soda or other cold drinks fail to bring to you.
Ice jelly is made from seeds of a kind of herb with other ingredients such as crushed ice, brown sugar syrup or other self-made sweeteners, fruits, crushed nuts, melon seeds, peanuts, haw flakes and currants.
Ice jelly may be served in bowls, for eating with a spoon, which can be purchased in individual servings from small carts or ice jelly stores.
Summer is the best season to enjoy ice jelly. Brown syrup creates a romantic atmosphere and food tasting like jelly and pudding with a variety of ingredients can be a seasonal delicacy to delight your taste buds.
Though humble and simple, ice jelly is still a great comfort when people feel restless and dissatisfied or need a mood booster.

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