GoChengdu Tour Guide: Baby Care Rooms in Metro Stations

Authors: Go Chengdu


Follow us to have a look of the nursing rooms at metro stations in the city.
1. Huaxiba Station (Metro Line 1)
It's the first baby care room in subway stations in Chengdu, put into operation in 2013.
Location: close to Exit A
Opening: 7:00 - 22:00
Convenience Offered: 1 baby bed, 2 changing tables, 1 bottle warmer, 1 sterilizer, 1 drinking fountain, side tables and chairs…
An eye-catching sign of the room can be found when you get off the elevator on the upper ground floor of the station. With an area of about 40 sqm, the room is divided into two parts ― the resting area and the breastfeeding area, which has 4 chairs for mothers to feed babies. People can get water in the resting area, but no sink is found in the room.
2. Zhongba Station (Metro Line 4)
Maybe the most mother-friendly one among the subway baby care rooms in the city.
Location: close to Exit C
Opening: 7:00 - 23:00
Convenience Offered: 1 sink, 6 private cubicles (each with an electrical outlet, cushioned single arm chair), 1 microwave oven, 3 diaper changing tables, 1 bottle warmer, electrical outlets…
The sign could help you to find the nursing room easily. The room provides a clean, quiet and well-equipped space and it has three well-equipped functional areas for infant feeding, diaper changing and resting.
The room has a dream-like design featuring the starry sky, butterflies, the moon and sunshine patterns that makes a comfortable environment.
3. Western China Int'l Expo City (Metro Line 1)
The best-equipped subway baby care room in Chengdu
Location: close to Exit E
Opening: 7:00 - 23:00
Convenience Offered: 2 cushioned seats with armrests and pillows (each has a curtain partition), 1 baby bed, electrical outlets, changing tables, 1 humidifier, 1 bottle warmer, side tables, easy access to the restroom, the kids' playing area, 1 bookshelf…
Baby care room here is quiet, and the space is relatively spacious and tidy. The highlight is the playing area for kids which, I think, makes it the best nursing room among the ones at metro stations.
4. North Railway Station (transfer station of Metro Line 1 & Metro Line 7)
Well, this one is presently the least-known among the subway baby care rooms in service.
Location: close to Exit E
Opening: 7:00 - 23:00
Convenience Offered: electric outlet, 1 bottle warmer, 2 changing tables, 4 chairs for breastfeeding, a side table and 1 maternity mattress.
The logo is not very easy for people to notice and it took me a long time to find the room (even with the help of the staff).
The door of the nursing room is a bit too small, and the space is not spacious enough. However, it is a clean and tidy space with the interior featuring cartoon patterns and facilities of tables, seats and a sanitizer. Maybe it is so far the least used baby care room among its peers, as in half an hour I didn't see anyone come in.
Apart from the 4 nursing rooms, there are also smaller breastfeeding areas in 9 metro stations, including Guangzhou Road, Xinglong Lake, Haichang Road, Science City, Wuhan Road, Weijiadian of Metro Line 1, and Chengdu University of Technology & South Railway Station of Metro Line 7.
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