Must-buy Specialties in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


We recommend 5 specialties in Chengdu for you can be choosen as souvenirs when you travel here.
Chengdu is called the Land of Abundance and is home to a large variety of specialties, which are not only good souvenirs but also ideal gifts for friends.
Shu Brocade
The Shu Brocade is noted for its high cultural and artistic value for appreciation and collection, featuring bright colors and elegant patterns with distinctive regional characteristics.
Pixian Chili Paste
The Pixian Chili Paste (Pixian Douban) is made from fermented broad beans, salt and fresh red chili peppers. It is reputed as the "Soul of Sichuan Cuisine" and its production technique is listed as China's national intangible cultural heritage.
Dried Beef Slices
Beef jerky in Chengdu is a much-loved snack for its tender yet chewy texture and appetizing flavors.
Fermented Beans
As a famous local specialty, the fermented black beans are used as a kind of seasoning for the nutritious properties and tasty flavors.
Sichuan Baijiu
Sichuan is China's biggest baijiu (liquor) producer and boasts the most famous baijiu brands in the country. The most famous brands include Wuliangye, Luzhoulaojiao, Jiannanchun, Langjiu and Quanxing Daqu.
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