Zhanglaowu Starch Jelly

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A traditional fast food, Zhanglaowu Starch Jelly is famous for its taste and texture and is very popular among Chengdu people.
Made mainly of peas, the jelly has a strong taste and soft texture. The Yellow Jelly is more chewy and can remain intact even cut into shreds; the White Jelly, also called Xuanzi Jelly, is white, tender and more delicate, providing a spicy, numbing taste when mixed with specially-cooked hot chili oil and other seasonings.
A variation of the offers by Zhanglaowu Starch Jelly is the Hot Rice Jelly (Mi Liangfen), which is usually served hot. The rice jelly is a must order of customers in winter.
Zhanglaowu Starch Jelly was entitled as the Time-Honored Food Brand in China in Mar. 2003, and its products including the Yellow Jelly, Xuanzi Jelly and Guojiang Jelly have been named as Famous Food in Chengdu.
Recommendations: Yellow Jelly, Xuanzi Jelly, Guojiang Jelly
No.10 Middle Dongchenggen Street, Qingyang District
No.32, Section 1 of Middle Renmin Road, Qingyang District
No.53-2, West Section 2 of 1st Ring Road, Qingyang District

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