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The 15th International Food Festival of Chengdu takes place Dec 18,2018-Jan.10, 2019. During the Festival, www.gochengdu.cn is to invite foreign friends in the city to the hotpot-tasting event, ALL FREE.
Sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal Government, the event, themed "gastronomic culture – inheritance, innovation, inclusiveness and openness," will present theme forums, business dialogues and experience activities.
During the event, more than 50 representatives from the US, Colombia, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Kenya, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada and other countries, as well as from the Chinese cities of Shunde, Macao and Huai'an, etc., will have insights into international exchange and cooperation in the catering sector, and share cases on the inheritance of and development in the culinary cultures in the world.
The organizing committee will launch a hotpot carnival in the southeast Asian country in collaboration with famous Chengdu hotpot chains with their branches in Singapore, aimed at promoting Chengdu hotpot and culture in the countries.
During the Festival, www.gochengdu.cn is to invite foreign friends in the city to the hotpot-tasting event, ALL FREE.
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Experience Hotpot Culture with GoChengdu

www.gochengdu.cn is planning to invite foreign friends in the city to the hotpot-tasting event, ALL FREE.

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