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Here are the restaurants where typical local dishes and snacks are offered in Chengdu. Wish you a fun-filled gastronomic experience in the city.
Here is a recommendation ― a one-stop solution ― for the short-term visitors to Chengdu who are pressed by tight schedules but tempted to have a taste of the city, which is known for its cuisine and diversified food choices.
We had an investigation of some of the restaurants where typical local dishes and snacks are offered and wish you a great gastronomic experience in the city. Read it and relish.
☆SAN SHI LIU JI (三食六集)
Located at Yintai in99, a mall in southern Chengdu, the shop features artistic inner decorations and offers a wide variety of snacks from Chengdu and neighboring areas.
Must orders:
Leshan Syrup-coated Roast Duck (乐山纪六孃甜皮鸭); Rabbit Head (威远三毛兔头); Bonbon Chicken(熊阿兵周记祖传棒棒鸡); Deep-Fried Pancake(严太婆锅盔); Double-layered Milk Pudding(顺德双皮奶).
Address: No.1199, Tianfu Avenue North Section, Hi-tech Zone, In99L601
☆Da Xiao Xi Chi Jiang Xin Ji (大小喜吃匠心集)
Also at YinTai in99 mall and has a variety of snacks and authentic Sichuan foods. Famous for local desserts, the shop also boasts a section selling products from local farms.
Must orders:
Fried Rice with Peas & Bacon (豌豆腊肉饭); Da Da Noodles (荥经挞挞面); Sweet Potato Starch Noodle in Chili Sauce (梓潼片粉).
Address: No.1199, Tianfu Avenue North Section, Hi-tech Zone, L7 717
☆Shunxing Food Court (顺兴食坊小吃城)
The shop finds its place at the Global Center and offers over 100 local dishes and 600 different dishes from across the country. You probably need more time to think about what to order.
Must orders:
Fried Sweet Rice Balls (糖油果子); Egg-flavored Crisp Rice Cake (蛋苕酥); Sweet Potato Starch Noodles (肥肠粉).
Address: Global Center LG1, Tianfu Avenue North Section
☆Tianfu Zhanggui (天府掌柜)
One of the restaurants that satisfies your appetite for Chengdu cuisine, with desserts and dishes 100% local style.
Must orders:
Jinsi Noodle (金丝面 noodles can be as slim as needles); I Love Panda (我最爱天府熊猫a dessert made in the shape of a panda, with cream inside); Tender Wonton in Spicy Sauce (红油抄手).
Address: No.1 Dongkangshi Street 东糠市街1号 (It has many branches in the city, including the popular ones in Sino-ocean Taikoo Li and Lan Kwai Fong)
☆Xiongmao Zhanggui (熊猫掌柜)
Located on Qintai Road, just a few minutes' walk to Kuanzhai Alleys (Wide & Narrow Alleys), this restaurant features the ancient Sichuan architecture.
Must orders:
Steamed Dumplings (蒸饺); Non-spicy Wonton (清汤抄手); Dan Dan Noodles (担担面)
Address: No.203 Qintai Road
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