Chengdu Snacks at Lantern Fair

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chengdu Lantern Fair is a showcase not just for traditional culture and customs, but also for local snacks.
Everyday thousands of people go to Chengdu Lantern Fair, now held at several venues around the city, to see the wonderful lanterns and various art performances, as well as to satisfy their stomach with an assortment of palatable snacks. Here we recommend to you eight local special snacks.
1. Sugar Painting (糖画)
Boiled sugar threads down from the ladle held by the painter, and the forms of the dragon, butterfly, peach, dragonfly, fish and other figures are created on the marble slab when the sugar cools off. An eye feast and a sweet memory. And it’s a delight to see kids holding the sugar painting works on a bamboo stick.
2. Ye’erba (叶儿粑, steamed rice bun, wrapped in pomelo or other leaves)
A traditional Sichuan snack, Ye’erba is loved by people for its good taste and tender texture, and is taken by many as breakfast. It usually has two flavors ― sweet and salty, but the latter is more popular.
3. Weeping Starch noodles (伤心凉粉)
It gains its name for being so hot that it even makes the eater shed tears! But people like it for the special feel ― smooth, spicy and exciting. If you are not daunted by the spiciness, just try it!
4. Fried Sticky Rice Ball (糖油果子)
Deep fried rice balls, painted with caramel, on a bamboo stick. Long loved by local people for its sweet, crisp and chewy feel.
5. Sanheni (三合泥, Three-in-One Paste)
The snack is made from the well-ground rice, glutinous rice and soybean, stir-fried with various ingredients such as sugar, sesame, peanuts and chestnuts. Served hot, it has good fragrance and taste.
6. Feichangfen (肥肠粉, Starch Noodles with Pig’s Intestines)
You must not miss the taste when you come to Chengdu. Smooth and spicy, it has the typical Sichuan taste. We recommend you to eat it with an extra large knot of intestines, with the accompaniment of a local pancake.
7. Sandapao (三大炮, Sticky Rice Ball)
Watching the making of the snack would be fun: the rice ball is dropped onto a wide wooden board, with copper saucers on it, before landing in a large basket with soybean powder in it. The cook strikes the board and makes loud clatters in the process. And hence the name.
Delicious and fleshy, though it contains no flesh at all.
8. Sweet Noodles (甜水面, Tianshuimian)
An alternative to the usually salty and spicy local diet and loved for its chewy texture and varied tastes being sweet, spicy, salty, highlighted by the artful use of wonder pastes, sesame and peanuts.

2016 Chengdu Temple Fair

The 2016 Chengdu Temple Fair will open on Feb. 6 in the Wuhou Shrine. 20 Little Gods of Happiness will send blessings and present gifts to visitors at the fair.

Feb 04, 2016

48th Chengdu Panda Lanterns Show

The 48th Chengdu Panda Lanterns Show will be held from Feb. 2 to Mar. 20 at the Yoho Farm of Sansheng Village in southeast Chengdu.

Jan 29, 2016

Lantern Festival Celebration

A grand celebration to mark the Lantern Festival will be held on Feb. 21 and 22 in the Huanhuaxi Park.

Feb 15, 2016

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