Chengdu Shows Sichuan Culinary Culture in San Francisco

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2016 Chengdu Food & Cultural Festival kicked off on November 10 in San Francisco.
As the largest ever and most magnificent culinary festival held abroad by Chengdu, the 2016 Chengdu Food & Cultural Festival kicked off on November 10 in San Francisco, the US. The event will last about 10 days.
Chengdu Chefs Promote Local Flavor
A festive evening gala of culinary and cultural delights was launched at San Francisco City Hall, with a team of top chefs from Chengdu serving up signature dishes on classic Sichuan food menu.
Renowned Sichuan artists also offered all guests an amazing visual feast of Chengdu's Kung Fu Tea ceremony and Face-changing, one of traditional stunts of Sichuan Opera.
The Chengdu chefs will visit famous restaurants in the Bay Area, and partner with their counterparts in San Francisco to provide dinners of Sichuan cuisine for local foodies.
Creativity Brings New Food Experience
As an important part of the event, a special program titled Chengdu Day will be held in hi-tech companies at the Silicon Valley including Google, Facebook, Cisco, Microsoft and Intel, to offer authentic Sichuan food to their employees from across the world. It will be the first program of its kind from China for the hi-tech professionals at the Silicon Valley.
"San Francisco and Chengdu share many similarities. The people of both cities love culture, arts and technology, in particular, food," said Mr. Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco, noting that "we are delighted to experience the event in San Francisco, and I look forward to seeing more such food festivals here that will definitely further strengthen the ties between our two cities."
Chengdu Cuisine Stuns People of San Francisco
The culinary festival involves Chengdu's tourism and culture, as well as cultural creativity of the world's City of Gastronomy, showing the Chinese city's fast economic and social development, time-honored history and brilliant civilization from different perspectives.
During the event, Chengdu will set up the world's first Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Overseas Promotion Center in San Francisco, which will serve as a platform for industrial exchange and cooperation between catering companies of the two cities.

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