Foreigners Go for Spring Outing in Shixiang Lake

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Themed "Explore Chengdu," the event was aimed to offer foreigners who are living, working, studying or traveling in the city an opportunity to enjoy enchanting spring sceneries of suburban Chengdu.
On April 10, the Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot in southwest Chengdu welcomed its first batch of foreign visitors this spring. From the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Belgium, Mexico, Peru, Poland and other countries, the dozens of guests were invited by website for a free one-day guided tour of the tourist attraction.
Themed "Explore Chengdu," the event was aimed to offer foreigners who are living, working, studying or traveling in the city an opportunity to enjoy enchanting spring sceneries of suburban Chengdu.
On the day, the guests admired beautiful flowers, went canoeing and boating on the lake, tasted local specialties, and hand-painted and flied kites.

Highlights of the day:
The guests first visited Phase 2 of the Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot, which was just open to the public and where there are colorful flower fields throughout the year. They were magnetically attracted by the magnificent flower scenery. "How beautiful they are! I never imagined there are so many beautiful flowers here," said Sandra from Belgium while taking pictures with her mobile phone.

Cheering and laughing, the guests were greeted warmly by all the people they met, and took photos together with groups of Chinese children.

"Although these dishes are very spicy, they are so delicious," said Jimmy from France while flashing a thumbs-up sign, when the guests were having lunch in a restaurant inside the Elephant Mountain Ancient Town. Highly impressed by the food, the guests finished all the dishes on the table.

After lunch, the guests went canoeing and boating at the Seven Stars Dock. Vaillant and Jimmy from France are very good at canoeing. Having been loving this sport since their childhood, they took the lead in all five groups of the international participants. The other foreign guests chose to take Black Awning (WuPeng) boats steered by boatmen. All of them were fascinated by the special trip on the wonderfully peaceful lake.

Later in the afternoon, the guests flied kites on the great lawn of the scenic spot. With strong curiosity, they wanted very much to fly their kites high in the sky, but it was really very difficult for them to make it. Before flying, some of them handpainted the blank kites as they liked. Damilola from Nigeria jumped with joy like a child after she finally flied her kite high with the help of a Chinese staff.

In the end, the foreign guests took a group photo with the staff and lingeringly went away from the spot.

What They Say about the Tour
Randolph Lum (from the US):
Wow, so many flowers. It was a real surprise for me to see a vast field of California Poppies (the state flower of California) in the Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot. It reminded me of the beautiful flowers in my front yard in California. Exploring the city, you can come across all kinds of surprises.

Mia Ma (from France):
My friends asked me where the place is after I had posted some pictures of the tour on my WeChat Moments. They want to come to Chengdu. I love traveling and sharing nice pictures,so some friends call me a "tourist ambassador of Chengdu".

Alfredo Bendezu (from Peru):
Not all Sichuan food is spicy. For example, the Lanmei Shanyao (Chinese yam with blue berry sauce). Actually, every Sichuan dish has its own taste.

Cythia Hernandez (from Mexico):
I know Chengdu is rich in historical and cultural resources, but I did not know there is such a lovely destination in Pujiang. There must be more interesting places waiting for us to explore. By the way, we are going to the panda base tomorrow.

Anelia Memova (from Russia):
There are so many things I want to experience in Chengdu. So I’ve decided to work for half a year and travel around the city in another six months in the city.

Faith Ndunge Mailu (from the US):
Chengdu has international flights and international schools ... And life here is very convenient and comfortable. I will give birth to my baby here.

Doreen Gojevic (from Germany):
In fact, I do not like to be called "Laowai (foreigner)". I've got used to life here and been a part of the city.

Jessica Delgado (from Mexico):
Are you going to hold the event again? We are looking forward to your next activity. We had a nice day today. Thanks a lot!
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