Places to Pluck Fresh Red Cherries in Suburban Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Now is the right time to harvest fresh red cherries in orchards in the city’s suburbs.
Haiwozi Old Town in Pengzhou
Located in Xinxing Township in Pengzhou City, Haiwozi is some 60km from downtown Chengdu. The place produces several varieties, including white, red and pink cherries. The white one at a higher market price is much sweeter and tastier.
Picking period: Early to late May
Price: 20 yuan per 500 grams (free tasting)
By self-drive: New Pengcheng Road—Pengzhou-Chengdu Expressway—Pengbai Road—Haiwozi Old Town
By bus: Taking bus at Wukuaishi Bus Station to Pengzhou Bus Terminal, and then taking a local bus (from Pengzhou Bus Terminal to Bailu or Baishuihe) to the site
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