Take the High-Speed Train to Have Fun in Ya’an!

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The Chengdu-Ya’an high-speed railway started operation on December 28, 2018. It offers people a new choice to travel to Ya’an, which is about 150 kilometers to the southwest of Chengdu.
The city of Ya'an is endowed with picturesque landscapes and profound cultural heritage, and is a must-go place for travelers and gourmets.
Sightseeing Sites
A national 4-A tourist spot, Bifengxia is an enclosed scenic site of two valleys, famous for its ever-green and exuberant trees.
(Photo from www.bifengxia.com)
It is home to about 11,000 wildlife creatures of over 300 species, including lions, bears, tigers, monkeys, birds, camels, pandas and parrots.
(Photo from www.bifengxia.com)
Shangli Ancient Town
Situated on the hillside and beside a stream, Shangli Ancient Town used to an important post on the Southern Silk Road.
The town has many old wooden buildings constructed in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1636-1911) dynasties.
Hot Springs in Zhougong Mountains
Zhougong Mountains are located by a river and the hot springs are famous for the water of high temperature and trace elements, which are beneficial to people's health.
Local Foods
Ya-yu (Ya'an Fish)
Ya-yu is an indigenous species found in the clear water in nearby streams and rivers, noted for its tender texture and appetizing taste, as well as legendary associations with its origin.
Dada Noodles
(Photo from www.yingjing.gov.cn)
With a history of over 100 years, the noodles are locals' favorite breakfast and are provided with different tastes, including beef and pork.
Mengding Tea
The tea produced in the Mengding Mountains around Ya'an was listed as a tribute to the royal families in ancient times due to its exquisite appearance, high quality and sophisticated production process.
Tibetan Tea
Tea from the areas of Ya'an is the main material for the Tibetan Tea, which has functions to help digesting, reducing lipid and blood pressure and so on.

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