Spring at Chengdu Botanic Garden

Authors: Amy, photos by Zoie


We are bringing you photographs of flowers and plants as they are blooming at Chengdu Botanic Garden -- a hidden gem in the North of the city.
With the weather continuing to get warmer, more plants are now in the blooming season and display a pleasant view in Chengdu Botanic Garden.
Chengdu Botanic Garden is not widely known but a great place to wander about, with an agreeable environment especially when the flowers are blossoming in spring.
The garden embraces a bloom "wave" and visitors can view thousands of kinds of blossoms and plants from a close distance. Covering a total area of 42 hectares (104 acres), the park is quite big, with a plenty of scenes to see.
The garden is home to more than 2,000 floral species, including over 1,000 species of woody plants and 800 species of horticultural plants.
It is also a comprehensive center for scientific research, species conservation and popular science education. What's more, the garden has a nice multifunctional museum having on display even fossil plants, both compressive and permineralized.
It is so refreshing to walk on the paths and across the river, streams and the greenery. A refreshing existence away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Entrance Fee: 10 RMB
Metro Line 3 has a station right by the south gate of the garden.
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