City’s 6th Batch of Historic Buildings

Authors: Go Chengdu


The sixth batch of the historic buildings on the preservation list has been announced by Chengdu municipal government.
Chengdu Municipal Government on July 15 issued the sixth batch of the historic buildings on the preservation list. Among the five constructions in downtown Chengdu, four are residential buildings and one is the office building.
The Runju is a typical quadrangle courtyard which keeps the original living conditions of Chengdu locals.
Address: No.37, Gengjia Alley, Jinjiang District
No. 82, Baojia Alley, Qingyang District
The construction was the former site of the first vocational technical school in Sichuan over one hundred years ago and has preserved the French architecture style.
Former Residence of Xie Wuqi
The well-preserved mansion, with the typical style of Chinese architecture, was the former residence of Xie Wuqi (a general during the Anti-Japanese War).
Address: No. 99, Baojia Alley, Qingyang District
Residential complex at No.7 Desheng Road, Qingyang District
Residential complex at No.21 Shuanghuaishu Road, Jinjiang District

Anren Ancient Town

The buildings in Anren Town are with the distinctive West Sichuan style and well preserved, and some of them have been turned into museums.

Jul 10, 2019

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Chengdu's Buildings in Antoine Galichet’s Eyes

Buildings tell us stories of a city's past, present and tomorrow.

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Highway to New Int’l Airport to be Brought under Construction

To maintain investing heavily in traffic construction, Sichuan will accomplish an investment amounting to RMB100 billion in building roads and waterways this year, sources from the Department of Transportation of Sichuan Province announced the news on January 19th.

Jan 22, 2016

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