City’s 4th Batch of Historic Buildings

Authors: Go Chengdu


The fourth batch of the historic buildings on the preservation list has been approved by Chengdu municipal government.
The fourth batch of the historic buildings on the preservation list, concerning six constructions in the city, has been approved by Chengdu municipal government.
The majority of the constructions were built in the period from the later years of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to the early years of the Republic of China and feature Sichuan styles and the introduced Russian styles.
Among them, the Guangdong Guild Hall, Zhanghuali Courtyard and Majiaxiang Courtyard, together with other buildings in Dacisi Community, constitute a community of historical buildings that witnesses the preservation of Chengdu’s traditional culture.
Fourth List of Historic Buildings
The living quarters of Tongjin High School
Address: #15 Tongjin Road, Jinniu District
Residence at No.42 Longxing Street
Address: #42, Longxing Street, Jinjiang District
No.10 Hongshizhu Heng Street
Address: #10 Hongshizhu Heng Street, Jinjiang District
Guangdong Guild Hall
Zhanghuali Courtyard
Majiaxiang Courtyard
Address: Dacisi Road, Jinjiang District

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