Contraband Goods Prohibited by Customs

Authors: Go Chengdu


Quarantine and Inspection
Ⅰ.The Quarantine Requirement for Passengers on Entering the Country

1. Passengers entering into China should abide by relevant Chinese lnspection and Quarantine laws and regulations and fill in the Quarantine Declaration Form on Entry as required by the inspection and quarantine authorities; 2. Passengers coming from areas infected by Yellow Fever must present a valid vaccination certificate to the inspection and quarantine authorities.
Ⅱ. Objects Prohibited from being Carried into China:
1. Living animals (companion dogs and cats excluded) and such hereditary material as semen, zygote and embryo of the animals;
2. Fleshes (raw or cooked) and flesh products, aquatic animals;
3. Animal source of milk and milk products, including raw milk, milk, yogurt, animal-derived cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products;
4. Eggs and its products, including fresh eggs, preserved eggs, salted egg, mayonnaise and other egg products;
5. Bird's nest (with the exception of canned bird's Nest);
6. Fats and oils, pelt and hide, mane, bones, hoofs and horns;
7. Animal-derived feeds, animal-derived medicine, animal-derived manure;
8. Fresh fruits, vegetables;
9. Tobacco leaves;
10. Seeds and other reproductive capacity of plant material;
11. Organic cultivating medium;
12. Pathogenic organisms of plants and animals, insect pests, and other harmful organism;
13. Animal carcasses and specimens;
14. Soil;
15. Genetically Modified Organisms;
16. Other animals and plants, animal or plant products or other quarantine objects prohibited by the State.
1. By approval of the relevant state administration, animals and plants and their products and other quarantine objects through carry-on or cargo, with the quarantine certificates issued by exporting countries or regions, are excepted from the regulation;
2. Each passenger is allowed to carry only one pet, bearing rabies vaccination certificate and health certificate issued by the competent quarantine authorities of the departing country or region.
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