Hot Spots

Luodai Ancient Town

Luodai Ancient Town in Longquanyi District is the la ...
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Shuijingfang Museum

Shuijingfang Museum is an embodiment of the time-hon ...
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Most Tourist-favored Old Towns around Chengdu

When you are in any of the following old towns in su ...
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Kuixinglou Street: Heaven for Foodies and Art-loving Youth

Look at the people outside the restaurants waiting f ...
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Recommended Tours

Free-open Days for 22 Tourist Sites in Chengdu

Read the info on free admission to some of the best ...
2019-05-16 | Read More

Recommended Tours for Labor Day Holiday

Usually Chengdu has a mild climate during the period ...
2019-04-30 | Read More

Top 10 Must Visit Places in Chengdu

Visiting the top 10 classic tourist attractions of C ...
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Two-day Trip Destinations around Chengdu

Go into the suburbs of Chengdu and you’ll be impress ...
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City of Giant Pandas

House of Panda Post

There are several Panda Post branches around the cit ...
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【Street Interview】Have You Heard the Voice of a Panda?

Have You Heard the Voice of a Panda? ...
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Green City

Tianfu Greenway to Be More Colorful and Fashionable

Tianfu Greenway, the expansive network of green pass ...
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Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Dujiangyan Irrigation System in the upper reaches of ...
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Spring Sights along the New Cycling Route

Join us in a spring outing on the bike to enjoy the ...
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【Video】Linpan as the Pearl of Rustic Landscape

As a form of living environment with distinctive loc ...
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ICH & Handicrafts

Chinese Martial Arts: Qingcheng Tai Chi

Qingcheng Mountain is one of the famous bases of Tao ...
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Chengdu Silver Filigree

Chengdu silver filigree is one of the best tradition ...
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