9 New Int’l Routes Make Chengdu more Accessible to the Outside World

Authors: Go Chengdu


Agreements for 9 new international air routes to be open between Chengdu and other parts of the world were signed during the World Routes 2016 on Sep. 25th.
Sichuan Airlines will launch regular direct flight from Chengdu to Dubai, which is the third non-stop service between Chengdu and the Middle East following those to Abu Dhabi and Doha.
Ethiopian Airlines will operate a new regular direct link between Chengdu and Addis Ababa using Boeing 787 dreamliners or 777 jets. It will be the second direct route from Chengdu to Africa following that to Mauritius.
Sichuan Airlines has scheduled to change the direct charter flight from Chengdu to Moscow into regular flight.
Tibet Airlines will launch regular direct flight from Chengdu to Sochi, which will be the second one from Chengdu to Russia following the current one to Moscow run by Sichuan Airlines.
Beijing Capital Airlines will open regular non-stop service from Chengdu to Madrid. So far, Chengdu has launched 6 regular direct flights to Europe, topping central and western China.
Hainan Airlines will open regular direct flights from Chengdu to Los Angeles and New York, which will be the second and third ones of its kind to the US following the one to San Francisco.
As the second one of its kind from Chengdu to Oceania following that to Melbourne, a new international non-stop air link to Sydney will be operated by Air China. Sichuan Airlines is going to open a regular direct flight between Chengdu and Auckland, which will be the third such flight from Chengdu to Oceania.

22nd World Routes to be held in Sichuan capital

The 22nd World Route Development Forum, also known as "World Routes", one of the biggest annual events for the civil aviation sector, will be held in Chengdu from Sept 24 to 27.

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