Running Culture Rising in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Running around the city is not only an annual grand festival, but also a meaningful thing to do for a lifetime.
Themed "Chengdu runs towards the world; the world runs into Chengdu," the Chengdu Marathon 2018 was held successfully on October 27, attracting around 28,000 runners from around the world and widespread attention of global social media.
Big data on runners in Chengdu, released by the organizing committee of the Chengdu Marathon 2018, teaming up with the Chinese sports App JoyRun, an official supplier of the event, show that a running culture with mass participation is emerging here in Chengdu.
Currently, among the 63 million users of the App, 1.55 million are from Chengdu, and account for 2.45% of the total. And women make up more than half of the gross number (52%) , showing the high female presence in the sports scene in the city. On the whole, the percentage of those aged 20 to 30 is 63.8%, reflecting a growing local army of young runners. Each of the 1.55 million JoyRun users in Chengdu runs 3.1 times a week on average, with a total length of 20.8 kilometers. In terms of the time of running, people in Chengdu seem to prefer jogging at night, mostly between 20:00 (12.8%) and 21:00 (12.2%), while those running between 06:00 and 07:00 only account for 2.3% and 6.6%, respectively.
From the heat map shown on the App, Qinglong Lake, Huanhuaxi Park and Donghu Park are the most popular places for people to run in Chengdu. In addition to the picturesque greenways and parks, nearby school playgrounds and ring roads in the city center are also favored by runners.
Running around the city is not only an annual grand festival, but also a meaningful thing to do for a lifetime. These words on running are well kept in mind by the people in Chengdu.

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