30-Day Countdown to 2019 Chengdu Marathon

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The organizing committee of the 2019 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu Marathon (Chengdu Marathon) held September 27 a press conference on the event, at which it signed an agreement with its partner Dongfeng Nissan, and revealed the medals, costumes, as well as cultural and creative products for the event.
This year's Chengdu Marathon will take place on October 27. The patterns on the medals include those of the giant panda and urban landscapes of the city. And the game and finisher clothes are of highly modern style, highlighting the spirit of sportsmanship of marathon.
2019成都马拉松 奖牌、赛服发布2019成都马拉松 奖牌、赛服发布
The 2019 Chengdu Marathon will see an increased number of participants of 30000, including 15000 for full marathon, 10000 for half marathon and 5000 for fun run. Earlier this year, the Chengdu Marathon became a member of the Association of International Marathons and Road Races (AIMS), which will thus recognize the results of full marathon finishers at the event since this year.
2019成都马拉松 奖牌、赛服发布2019成都马拉松 奖牌、赛服发布
2019成都马拉松 奖牌、赛服发布2019成都马拉松 奖牌、赛服发布
Dave Cundy, an international grade running technical official (ICRO) with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), and a Grade A IAAF-AIMS course measurer, was invited to involve in the design of the track for the event, making it the first city marathon measured by the international grade A measurement administration in China.
The track is themed Chengdu's profound Tianfu Culture and highlights many of the city's cultural and modern landmarks, including the Jinsha Site Museum (starting point), Tianfu New Area (finish point), as well as well-known attractions well reflecting Chengdu's ancient civilization, brilliant culture, modernity and internationalization, such as the Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, Wide & Narrow Alley, Tianfu Square and Jiuyan Bridge.
The total amount of bonus for this year's event will be increased to around 1.65 million yuan from 1.05 million yuan in 2018, including 80000 US dollars for male and female champions, and 20000 US dollars for both male and female racing wheelchair champions, the highest of its kind in China.

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