Slogan, Emblem, Mascot, Licensed Products of Chengdu 2021 31st Summer World University Games Unveiled

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The slogan, emblem, mascot and franchised products of the Chengdu 2021 31st Summer World University Games were released.
The organizing committee of the Chengdu 2021 31st Summer World University Games unveiled the slogan, emblem, mascot and some franchised products of the sporting event for amateur university-student athletes across the world at a press conference held on Dec. 31 at Chengdu University.
Slogan, Emblem, Mascot, of 31st Chengdu Universiade
The English slogan for the sports meet is "Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True".
The emblem made up of four gradient color blocks (bright red, brilliant yellow, emerald green and acid blue) is the initial of the word Universiade combining the pattern of Sunbird, a gold foil unearthed from the Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum, which was adopted as the symbol of China Cultural Heritage by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage of the People's Republic of China. It embodies the concept of the Chengdu 2021 31st Summer Universiade: being green, smart, energetic and shareable, and is consistent with the major elements of the FISU emblem.
The mascot, named Rong Bao, is a panda doll with its right hand holding a Universiade torch with bright burning flames shaped as number 31. Its ears, eyes and tail are also shaped as flames.
The global solicitation and selection of the slogan, emblem and mascot took more than three months, and all of them well feature the essence of Chengdu's Tianfu culture.
xu weizhou 31st Chengdu Universiade
At the conference, Chinese pop star Xu Weizhou was announced as the spokesperson for the emblem and mascot of the Chengdu 2021 31st World University Games.
31st Chengdu Universiade31st Chengdu Universiade
The organizing committee also released the franchise plan and more than 100 kinds of licensed products for the sports extravaganza. Later on, it will cooperate with top global brands, as well as internationally well-known artists and designers to produce special products, and work together with leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies both at home and abroad to develop smart products. It is expected that more than 1,000 licensed products will be launched worldwide.

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