Special Reports
FISU World University Games@Chengdu

"WUG"-Themed Colour-Painted Aircraft Officially Unveiled

"WUG"-themed color-painted aircraft tailored for th ...
2021-05-10 | read more

Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games Postponed to 2022

On 2 April, the International University Sports Fede ...
2021-04-05 | read more

Solicitation for Songs for the Chengdu 2021 FISU WUG Kicks off

The Executive Committee of WUG officially launched t ...
2020-11-18 | read more

Grand Gala Held to Embrace the Games

See you in Chengdu in 2021! ...
2020-08-21 | read more
Happy Life in Livable City

Tongzilin Community Engagement Day

On the afternoon of 24 April, Chengdu Tongzilin Inte ...
2021-04-28 | read more

Chengdu honored a City of Happy Life in China

Chengdu was named as one of China's 10 most attracti ...
2021-04-26 | read more

Implementation Plan for Ten Projects for Good Life Released

Chengdu launched the "Ten Major Projects" to enhance ...
2021-02-22 | read more

Chengdu Tops Happiest Cities in China for 12 Consecutive Years

If you are seeking happiness in China, Chengdu is th ...
2020-11-19 | read more
World Cities Culture·Tianfu Symposium

Their Chengdu Stories Help You Know More about the City

The 2020 World Cities Culture·Tianfu Symposium was c ...
2020-10-30 | read more

2020 World Cities Culture·Tianfu Symposium to Kick off

Chengdu is a historical city with unique culture and ...
2020-10-27 | read more
Booming Economy in Chengdcu

Chengdu’s Foreign Trade Volume Hits RMB201.66 Bln in Jan-Apr

According to the latest statistics released May 12 b ...
2020-05-13 | read more

Chengdu’s GDP Reaches RMB384.56 Bln in Q1

The Chengdu Bureau of Statistics released April 23 o ...
2020-04-27 | read more

Chengdu Sees 14.1% Foreign Trade Growth in Jan-Mar

According to the latest statistics released April 16 ...
2020-04-22 | read more

Chengdu’s GDP Exceeds RMB1,701 Bln in 2019

Last year, Chengdu's GDP reached RMB1,701.27 billion ...
2020-02-10 | read more
World Police & Fire Games

Goodbye, 2019 WPFG

The conclusion of the 2019 WPFG is believed to heral ...
2019-08-19 | read more

WPFG: More Than a Sports Event

The 18th WPFG presents a total of 56 competitions at ...
2019-08-16 | read more

CPAF Director & Secretary: TCA 2019 was Outstanding!

The 2019 WPFG is being staged in Chengdu and will la ...
2019-08-15 | read more

Wonderful Moments of 2019 WPFG

As a sports extravaganza for police officers and fir ...
2019-08-15 | read more
Chengdu Marathon 2019

30,000 Runners Compete in Chengdu Marathon

It was announced five months ago that Chengdu Marath ...
2019-10-28 | read more

2020 Chengdu Marathon to Take Place on October 25

Welcome to enjoy the Chengdu Marathon. ...
2019-10-28 | read more

Race Package Pickup for 2019 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu Marathon

The 2019 Dongfeng Nissan Chengdu Marathon is around ...
2019-10-25 | read more

30-Day Countdown to 2019 Chengdu Marathon

The organizing committee of the 2019 Dongfeng Nissan ...
2019-10-01 | read more
Tianfu Culture Acquaints the World with Chengdu!

City Impresses World Cultural Capitals Tianfu Symposium Guests

The guests expressed that they are highly optimistic ...
2019-07-26 | read more

Home, Foreign Guests Brainstorm for Development of Tianfu Culture

The World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium 2018 was ...
2018-06-27 | read more

Foreign Guests Share Impressions of Chengdu

During the 2018 World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Sympos ...
2018-06-26 | read more

World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium to Take Place in City

The World Cities Culture (Tianfu) Symposium 2018 is ...
2018-06-19 | read more
China Cybersecurity Week
New Journey to the Second Centenary Goal