Wenjiang district to build traditional Chinese medicine science park

Authors: China Daily


Wenjiang's government signed a cooperation contract on Sept 28 with Chengdu University of TCM (CDUTCM) and Chengdu Huachuan Group to co-construct a university science park in Wenjiang district in Chengdu, Sichuan province.
The director of Chengdu science and technology bureau, directors of Wenjiang's government, principal and secretary of CDUTCM, and presidents of Chengdu Huachuan Group attended the signing ceremony.
At the meeting, Ma Yuerong, secretary of CDUTCM, and Xie Chao, Secretary of Wenjiang District Committee of the CPC, representatively outlined the development situation and innovation strategies of the university and the district. The two sides agreed that the cooperation in the construction of the university science park would promote the combination of talent training and development with the regional economy. The university science park, which aims at boosting the local bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry, is expected to give energy and vitality to Wenjiang to become a world-class satellite town, which is ideal for doing business, living and travelling.
Tang Hua, director of Chengdu science and technology bureau, said at the meeting that she hoped the two sides could enhance communication and carefully plan for investment promotion on the basis of the contract.
The CDUTCM university science park is projected to be divided into three zones, namely, the research findings commercialization zone, traditional Chinese medicine enterprises incubation zone, and traditional Chinese medicine industrial zone. It is expected that in three to five years, the science park will form an industrial cluster of R&D and production of traditional Chinese medicine, health services and pharmaceutical businesses, leading southwestern China.
In addition, Wenjiang's government, CDUTCM and Huachuan Group decided at the meeting to co-build the 3rd Hospital Affiliated to CDUTCM in Wenjiang. The hospital, according to a director of the project, is planned to be one of the best hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine in China. Also, Wenjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will become a branch institute of the 3rd Hospital Affiliated to CDUTCM, which will mainly serve the residents in the old town of Wenjiang district.
After the signing ceremony, the attendees also visited the national key laboratories in CDUTCM.
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