Wenjiang district in Chengdu to build good environment model villages

Authors: Go Chengdu


In order to improve rural living conditions, Wenjiang is planning to build nine model villages showcasing good production, living and ecological environment.
The key projects of the plan include building modern rural complexes and compact communities, renovating the dwellings in the villages, and protecting traditional and historical buildings. The model villages are expected to be prosperous, harmonious, clean and beautiful. In addition, the development of modernized agriculture is another criterion being assessed.
At the beginning of the plan's implementation, Wenjiang decided to focus on environmental improvements to eliminate the "dirty, noisy, and disorderly" situations in rural areas. Wenjiang is also building nine model villages to set the pattern for other villages so as to accelerate overall progress. The nine designated villages are Xingfu, Xianfeng, and Helin in Wanchun town, Shengli, and Xinlin in Shou'an town, Linjiang, and Shiniu in Hesheng town, Fenshui in Gongping community, and Hongjiang in Yongquan community.
For the next phase, Wenjiang is projecting to build more than ten model villages. It is estimated that by 2017, all the villages in Wenjiang will meet the standard requirements of the model villages.
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