Race to be international sports events player stays on track

Authors: China Daily


Chengdu is making steady progress on its goal of becoming a leading player in global sport, with the construction of world-class sports facilities and the hosting of a series of international sports events.
City officials said the construction of the Tianfu Olympic City will help it achieve its ambitious target. Conceptual planning and design consulting for the giant project started in May, attracting 70 design teams worldwide to participate in bids for contracts.
The Olympic City, located at the Tianfu International Airport City, is Sichuan Province's first sports complex that integrates a sports stadium, an aquatic sports center and facilities for land sports such as cycling, mountain biking and volleyball.
The mega sports complex covers a total area of 86 square kilometers, including a core area of 12 sq km and an aquatic sports area of 40 sq km.
Eight out of the 70 design teams were chosen to take part in the project. They are from eight countries and regions including China, the United States, Japan, Spain and Germany. Most of the eight teams have the experience of leading in overall planning for Olympic Games and designing Olympic stadiums.
Currently, they all have completed on-the-spot investigation on the construction site and will submit their conceptual planning of the sports complex at the end of this month. Only five of them can go into the design phase, and the name list is expected to be released at the end of September.
At a government event in early June, Chengdu announced to establish an international city of sports events by constructing world-class stadiums, introducing more international sports events and cultivating the city's own brands of sports events.
In March, construction on 13 infrastructure projects of the Tianfu Olympic City got underway, including roads, public service facilities, landscapes and supporting industries, with a total investment of 26.08 billion yuan ($3.89 billion).
The Tianfu Olympic City, together with Longquan Mountain Forest Park and Tianfu Greenway, will form an industrial cluster of outdoor leisure sports in Chengdu.
The Longquan park, located in eastern Chengdu, is designed to serve as a super central park of the city, with a total area of 1,275 sq km, about 1.7 times the size of Chengdu's downtown areas.
The Tianfu Greenway is another major program in building Chengdu into a garden-like city. The project is on schedule to be completed by 2035 and is the longest green trail system planned in China. Chengdu's ecological zones, parks, small gardens and grasslands will be connected via the greenway, transforming the metropolis into a huge garden.
Chengdu has in recent years organized many high-level and high-quality international sports events. This year alone, 21 large sports events were already held and were planned to take place in the city.
On June 5, Chengdu was approved by International Table Tennis Federation, Chinese Table Tennis Association and the Sichuan Provincial Sports Bureau to host the 2018 Women's Table Tennis World Cup as well as the 2019 World Cup for both men and women.
The approval reflected Chengdu's increased international influence, said Liu Yi, deputy director of the Management Center of Table Tennis and Badminton at the General Administration of Sports of China.
(source: www.chinadaily.com.cn, July 27, 2018)

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