Outgoing Consul-General Brings Sichuan Delicacies Back Home

Authors: People's Daily Online


The outgoing Australian consul-general in Chengdu Nancy Gordon ended her tenure of over three years on Jan. 11. Before returning to her homeland, Gordon made sure to stock up on Sichuan delicacies.
Nancy Gordon, the outgoing Australian consul-general in Chengdu, ended her tenure of over three years on Jan. 11. Before returning to her homeland, Gordon made sure to stock up on Sichuan delicacies.
Becoming the first consul-general in Chengdu in 2013, Gordon believes Chengdu is a city whose history and culture are both extensive and profound. Relations between Australia and Sichuan have improved significantly during Gordon's tenure, according to the departing official. She noted that over 130 Australian companies have invested in Sichuan, and Sichuan companies such as Tianqilithium and New Hope Group have made contributions to Australia's economic development. Bilateral exchanges in tourism, education, science and culture are expected to thrive in the coming years, she said.
Gordon disclosed that she planned to bring home several bags of Pixian bean paste, a Sanxingdui bronze sculpture replica and some green tea. She also bought 43 panda toys and table tennis paddles, which are her children's favorites.
(Source: People's Daily Online, January 12, 2017)

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