City builds national financial center

Authors: China Daily


Chengdu, birthplace of Jiaozi, the world's first paper currency, is looking to build upon its innovative past to become an important financial center in China.
According to the city's latest plan, Chengdu expects to become an internationally renowned city with sustainable development by 2050, and financial development is set to play a significant role.
In early February, Chengdu announced the construction of a modern financial industrial cluster to develop such fields as technology, supply chain, green energy and cultural finance. To promote the spirit of innovation and in honor of the paper currency, the Jiaozi Financial Technology Centre will open in Chengdu in April.
Located in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the center, with an area of 10.9 acres, focuses on R&D of financial safety, third-party payment, intelligent investment consultancy and credit investigation based on big data.
It aims to attract large and middle-sized financial technology companies and set up an international financial communication and innovation center.
Additionally, the second phase of Financial Dreamworks Chengdu, a local makerspace for the financial industry, will open in July to provide some 4,000 desks for 300 innovative entrepreneurial teams.
A museum for Jiaozi, in an area of 1.14 acre, will open to the public this year. It will showcase the history of the financial industry based on payment. It will also provide insights into the blueprint of financial technology in the future.
The museum is set to become an urban financial cultural center to further encourage sharing and innovation.
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