Chengdu Sets up New Policies to Lure More Talent

Authors: Shanghai Daily


Chengdu has issued 10 new policies, including setting up a special fund of at least 2 billion yuan (US$306 million), to attract more talent to the southwest Chinese city, its government announced February 14.
The capital of Sichuan Province has decided to significantly increase the size of special funds for the development of human resources and financial aid to professionals in need.
The city government will set up a special fund involving at least 2 billion yuan for its human resources development.
Professionals in need will belong to different levels according to the new policy.
For prestigious figures around the world, each of them will be awarded 3 million yuan.
For country-level talent, they may receive 2 million yuan from Chengdu government. While for those among the local best, they get the chance to win 1.2 million yuan of financial support.
Chengdu has also improved its services to expats who are working or would like to work in the city.
More businesses will be granted to hire expats. The city also expands the scope of work visa and allows foreigner professionals to apply for work visa at the entry port.
They together with their spouses and young children will be permitted for long term residence of up to five years or multiple entry and exit in five years.
They may also enjoy the priority to apply for permanent residence permit. At the same time, the city will install entry and exit service counters at international communities to provide services at doorstep.
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