Chengdu Seeks to Attract Leading Personnel, Innovative Businesses

Authors: China Daily


City's new policy packages include 2 billion yuan fund.
The capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province is planning huge investments to establish itself as an international influence in innovation and business startups.
Chengdu announced on Feb 14 that it would establish a fund of up to 2 billion yuan ($307 million) to attract top personnel, both international and domestic, to the city.
Jing Bin, head of the city's human resources office, said the innovation-driven city is thirsty for quality personnel and the situation "is much more urgent than at any other period in the past".
He said the city has formulated 10 new policies to upgrade its personnel development strategies.
The move indicates that Chengdu has taken the lead in central and western China in terms of its support for innovation and startups and its search for the best personnel, he said.
"The efforts are expected to help the city implement its strategies to build itself into a 'heaven for startups', a core area of human resources in west China and an internationally influential regional innovation and startup center," Jing said.
After assessment and evaluation, Jing said, each of the foreign personnel recognized as leaders in their fields would be entitled to grants of 3 million yuan. Leading personnel at national level would be eligible for 2 million yuan and leading talent at the regional level to 1.2 million yuan.
Chengdu also announced it would reduce the red tape in government administration and approval procedures, and expects the moves to benefit local universities, organizations, research academies and agencies.
Such institutions are encouraged to explore more channels to attract talented personnel and will receive up to 200,000 yuan each if they succeed in attracting much-needed personnel.
"For some who find it hard to find the right companies or research organs to initiate their business or research projects, Chengdu is planning to set up a China (Chengdu) overseas personnel offshore innovation and startup center," he said.
The center is planned to be market driven, facilitate trade and reduce business costs.
"We expect the city can help more intellectual achievements become commercialized," he said.
In addition, the city is beefing up efforts to boost partnerships among enterprises, universities and governments.
It wants companies to define what they need to develop further, and universities to cater to the company's needs in their research. The city has vowed to support both sides.
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