With Opening of Tianfu Int'l Airport, More Businesses will Come to Chengdu

Authors: Feng Mi


Danny Lingham, general manager of Fraser Suites Chengdu, shared on a recent day his observations and opinions about the hospitality industry and the economic and social development of the city with gochengdu.cn.
With Chengdu's increasing pace of shaping itself to be an international metropolis, more and more luxury hotels appear in the city. Danny Lingham, general manager of Fraser Suites Chengdu, shared on a recent day his observations and opinions about the hospitality industry and the economic and social development of the city with gochengdu.cn.
gochengdu: In your view, what are the advantages of Chengdu to attract so many world famous hotels?
Danny Lingham: As an operator of luxury serviced apartments, we were one of the firsts among our counterparts to open the retail outlet in Chengdu. The main reason we chose to establish the presence here is because of China's national Go-West Campaign, which attracts many multinationals to launch operations in the city, and brings lots of foreign repeat guests for us. Another important reason is that as the economic center in western China, Chengdu will for sure become a first-tier city in China in 3 to 5 years.
gochengdu: what do you think of the hospitality industry in Chengdu?
Danny Lingham: Currently, there is an oversupply in Chengdu's hospitality market, with many 5-star hotels, among which some are just open, such as Fairmont and JW Marriott. The market competition is very fierce, but such international and national large-scale events held in the city as the China Food & Drinks Fair and Western China International Fair can bring in many business customers. Since the local government has made the Hi-tech Zone a famous IT hub in the country, there are also many hotels in that area.
Currently, 70% of our customers are business people, and of the number, 50% are foreign repeat guests and 20% home repeat ones. Many top executives of the world's Fortune Global 500 companies and officers from the consular agencies in the city choose our apartments as their own and their families' long-stay apartments.
gochengdu: How do you look upon Chengdu's efforts to become an international metropolis?
Danny Lingham: Lots of international travelers transfer from Chengdu to other places like Xi'an, Tibet and mountainous areas in Sichuan. There are many international shopping malls and centers in the city. We believe that with the operation of the Tianfu International Airport a couple of years later, more international businesses will come here. We also hope the local government can organize more forums and exhibitions to create more business opportunities for us.
On the other hand, with the launch of the "Belt and Road" Initiative, the Chengdu-Europe Express rail cargo service has enhanced remarkably the city's transportation efficiency and has promoted its growth in international trade, which is highly beneficial for foreign investors to develop here.
gochengdu: How can Fraser Suites be in the lead in face of fierce competition?
Danny Lingham: We always put service first. As a matter of fact, hotels at the same level are equipped with roughly the similar facilities. It is the people working in the hotel and the services they offer that make the hotel unique. What's more, the boom of China's tourist industry helps us a lot. Besides, international visitors and business customers, many Chinese visitors, especially families with children also choose to stay in our hotel. They prefer to stay in a serviced apartment with family vibe rather than just a room of a hotel.
gochengdu: How long have you been in Chengdu? What is your impression of the city?
Danny Lingham: I have lived in Chengdu for 5 years. I like Chengdu people very much.  Chengduers are very friendly, relaxed and can balance their work and lives. In addition, Chengdu keeps its traditions and culture very well amid fast economic growth, and its Sichuan cuisine is world famous and really delicious.

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