Sharing Economy Brings New Experience to Locals

Authors: Go Chengdu


The city of Chengdu now sees more people riding the shared-bikes, driving the rented new-energy cars and taking out mails from Spaster’s boxes, and even consulting doctors online.
The mode of sharing economy, thanks to the rapid development of the mobile Internet, is becoming a new trend and changing people's life in Chengdu.
Shared-Bike: a New Way of Green Transport
Compared with the conventional bikes for public use, such as bikes for rent, the model of shared-bike is more popular in that the bikes can be located by GPS and other online apps anytime and anywhere, much to the convenience of the users.
At present, Chengdu has 4 companies dealing in shared-bikes: Mobike, Youon, OFO and Yibu Bike. Mobike is also popular in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and Youon covers more than 200 cities in China. OFO focuses on operations on campus while Yibu Bike is a local company in Chengdu.
New-energy Car Sharing
There are several companies of new-energy car leasing in Chengdu: Pandauto has set up 52 leasing locations across the city, including those in Chengdu East Railway Station, Shuangliu International Airport and a number of tourist attractions; EVCARD has a leasing site in Qingyang District, SMART in Jinniu District. Pandauto plans to set up 50 more sites and put 3,000 vehicles into service.
Internet + Community: Mail Delivery within Hand Reach
Local logistics company Spaster has platforms in residential communities that can keep people's express mails in the sharing boxes, where people can easily receive the parcels.
Medical Resources Sharing: Seeing the Doctor online
You can go to see a doctor at home by visiting the website of the Sichuan micro doctor Internet hospital, which effectively reduces the medical cost. The hospital also has an offline entity in Chengdu, and each of its family doctors has a mobile service platform for health management, health inquiry and cross reference.

Sharing-bikes a New Way of Green Transport

The sharing-bikes has recently caused a swirl among new generations in the city, providing them a new alternative to get to short-distance sites instead of walking or taking a taxi.

Dec 21, 2016

3rd CIAVC to be held in Chengdu

The 3rd China Internet Audio-visual Conference (CIAVC), with the theme of Era of Video Innovations & Changes, will be held December 2-5 in Chengdu.

Sep 28, 2015

Chengdu Hosts Global Online Travel Event

The fourth Global Travel E-commerce Conference, which was held Sept 21-23 in Dujiangyan City of Chengdu, attracted more than 30 online travel companies and Internet companies from 20 countries and regions.

Oct 12, 2015

Chengdu Hosts China Internet Audio-Visual Conference

The 4th China Internet Audio-Visual Conference was held Dec.7-9 in Chengdu.

Dec 12, 2016

City’s Mobile Internet Industry Developing Fast

The city’s total output value of the mobile Internet industry in this year’s first nine months was RMB203.05billion (approx. US$32.75billion), increasing 30.2% year on year.

Dec 02, 2014

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