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Li Bai, the famous Chinese poet in Tang Dynasty, once wrote that "walking on the narrow paths of Sichuan is as difficult as climbing up to heaven".
It most faithfully describes the difficult and dangerous access to Sichuan for thousands of years as there are numerous mountains and dangerous shoals along the paths to Sichuan. But now, "difficult paths of Sichuan" has long become history. Chengdu, as the transportation hub of western China, is now a new node that connects China with other parts of the world. For this reason, businessmen around the world are able to gather here and easily take care of their businesses throughout the globe.
Destinations of non-stop international flights departing from Chengdu (partial)
London (UK), Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Moscow (Russia) and Prague (Czech)
San Francisco (USA)
Tokyo/Osaka (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand), Bombay/Bangalore (India), Hanoi (Vietnam), Vientiane (Laos), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore, Seoul (Republic of Korea), Karachi (Pakistan), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Male (Maldives), Katmandu (Nepal), Doha (Qatar) and Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Melbourne (Australia)
Aswan and Cairo (Egypt)
Global Airline Network Covering Five Continents
In July 2015, the non-stop flight route between Chengdu and Mauritius was open to service, rendering Chengdu the fourth city in the Chinese mainland after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou that have non-stop flight routes to five continents of the world.
In December 2015, the passenger turnovers in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport exceeded 40 million persons, making Chengdu the fourth city with annual passenger turnovers of more than 40 million persons in the Chinese mainland after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and rendering Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport the only airport with "40 million passenger turnovers" in central and western China. In 2015, there were 30,709 international and regional flights departing from and arriving at Shuangliu International Airport, approximately 84 flights daily.
As by July 2016, Chengdu had launched 258 flight routes from Shuangliu International Airport, including 169 domestic routes and nearly a hundred international routes (41 direct international air routes are operating on regular basis), reaching 199 destinations, including 125 domestic destinations and 74 international ones. Chengdu had the most international flight routes in central and western China.
Chengdu-Europe Express Railway: the Modern Silk Road
Chengdu-Europe Express Railway has been the fastest freight train that opens for two-way operation so far between China and Europe. Starting from Chengdu to Lodz, Poland, it covers a distance of 9,826 km and extends to some European hub cities, such as Nuremberg, Germany, Tilburg, the Netherlands, etc. Now, one train departs from Chengdu everyday and three trains return every week.
In more than three years, 224 Chengdu-Europe Express Railways have been opened to operation, with more than 30,000 tons of export goods and its cumulative value of more than 800 million US dollars. In the future, Chengdu-Europe express railway will further extend to other hub cities. It will further strengthen the cooperation of Sichuan and the hub cities in Europe in logistic channels and promote bilateral economic, trade and cultural exchange. With its help, Chengdu is becoming a highlighted inland open city and national gateway city.
The implementation of "Chengdu-Europe+" strategy is a major action that will accelerate the construction of Chengdu railway post and integrate Chengdu into the international "One Belt One Road" strategy. At the same time, the freight trains from Chengdu to Xiamen, Kunming, Wuhan and other cities will effectively connect with Chengdu-Europe Express Railway, thus achieving the strategic development of "Chengdu-Europe+" strategy in the "two networks", i.e. international and domestic market.

City Gains Edge by Focusing on Further Opening up

Chengdu, the ancient gateway to the southern Silk Road that reached the Middle East, has long been an open and prosperous city.

Oct 05, 2015

Chengdu, Major City in China

The capital of Sichuan Province Chengdu has a long history as the gateway to the West and a key point along the ancient Silk Road.

Jul 23, 2016

Engine of Economic Growth, Chengdu Well Poised to Go Global

Acclaimed as the “Land of Abundance” since ancient times, Chengdu has long been prosperous economically and culturally, and been well-known overseas thanks to the centuries-old Silk Road.

Jul 22, 2016

Dynamic Chengdu Opening Economic Powerhouse in Inland China

The 13th Five-Year Plan Period is key to the development of “Belt and Road Initiative.” As a strategically important city for the “Silk Road Economic Belt”, “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” and Yangtze River Economic Zone, Chengdu is seizing the important development opportunities and accelerating its pace of globalization.

Jul 23, 2016

Visit Dunhuang Caves in Chengdu

A large exhibition featuring the Dunhuang art and cultural relics from the ancient Silk Road to be held at the Chengdu Museum on December 27th will showcase eight magnificent replicas of the Mogao Caves, murals, sculptures, and so on.

Dec 07, 2016

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