Pujiang County

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A county under the jurisdiction of Chengdu and within the 30-minute-drive traffic circle of Chengdu, Pujiang is situated as a linking point between the Chengdu Plain Economic Circle and the Panzhihua-Xichang Economic Region.
The county is a crucial place, a traffic hub and an important distribution center along the transportation route from Sichuan to Yunnan province and Tibet Autonomous Region.
A number of the important expressways in Sichuan, including the National Highway 108 (Chengdu-Ya’an Highway) , National Highway 318 (Sichuan-Tibet Road), West Sichuan Tourist Circular Transport and Xinjin Toll-free Expressway, run across the land of the county, and several other roads and the passenger and freight rail transportation hubs are under construction in the county.
Dubbed as “the green Pujiang and the garden of Chengdu”, the county is known for its excellent ecological environment and has been named as a national-level ecological county and the best ecological county in Chengdu, with the forested land covering more than half of its area.
Taking the advantage of ecological resources within its area, the county puts efforts in promoting modern urban agriculture, green industries and leisure tourism. It has become an important tourist destination for people from home and abroad and an emerging investment hotland for multi-national companies. There are three industrial parks in Pujiang, the Shou’an New City, Shenzhen Science & Industry Park (Pujiang Park) and Chengdu-Ya’an Industrial Park; two Fortune Global 500 companies, Bosch and Lenovo, have launched their projects in the county. Food, drinks, printing and packing have been the key sectors in the county’s industry.
Pujiang welcomes people with green ecology, sightseeing sites, friendly and quality service.

Xilai Ancient Town

Xilai Town has a long history and relics of the ancient times are still well preserved at this quiet small town in the south of Chengdu.

Oct 11, 2018

Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot

Shixiang Lake Scenic Spot is located in Pujiang County and is known as the Garden of Chengdu. Pujiang has forest coverage of 45.5% and attracts visitors for its mild climate, fresh air and picturesque sights, including the famous Shixiang Lake and Chaoyang Lake.

Apr 15, 2015

Cherry Valley

Every early summer many city people come to Pujiang County celebrate the Cherry Festival held in the scenic spot.

Oct 11, 2018

First Sino-German SMEs Cooperation Park in Western China to Open

On Nov. 20, the launching ceremony for the Sino-German Pujiang Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Cooperation Park was held in southwest Chengdu’s Pujiang County.

Nov 24, 2014

German Dual System of Vocational Training Base Settles in Chengdu

A German Dual System of Vocational Training base will be established in southwest Chengdu’s Pujiang County. It will be the third one of its kind in China and the first in western China.

Dec 01, 2014

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